About Us

At T&K Carpentry Services, we specialise in high-end design and manufacture of custom furniture.We strive for the very best in Design, Style and Quality. 

About Us.

At T&K Carpentry Services, we specialise in high-end design and manufacture of custom furniture.We strive for the very best in Design, Style and Quality. Our goal is to produce furniture which relates to our clients home and way of life.

Our sustainable and recycled furniture creations, made right here in Cape Town, are one of a kind, beautiful pieces made from ethically sourced and environmentally responsible materials. Raw materials such as recycled timbers are sourced from disused docks, old warehouses and forgotten places.

What was a 100 year old warehouse floor can be recycled and transformed into a beautiful dining table. What was a machinist’s old workbench is now an office work desk, and what was a old sorting table now a uniquely recycled retail counter.

T&K Carpentry Services also specialize in house renovations and the creation of beautiful homes, typically from old and ordinary houses,  transforming of houses from ordinary to spectacular, they’re strength being their vision and ability to see potential in old buildings and to creatively convert them to suit their clients’ needs. The possibilities are endless.

Your new, custom-built deck awaits you. It’ll enable more time with your friends and family, more time to relax and enjoy the outdoors, more happy memories. We’re ready to make your decking a reality. 

We provide a full range of Ceiling installations to commercial, industrial and residential properties, as well. as to offices in Cape Town a good idea would be to invest in a suspended ceiling system.

One of the many services we specialise in at Pro services is Dry Walling. If you’re in need of a quality wall or ceiling inside your home or office and you need it fast, then Dry Walling is your quick alternative.

Our Pergolas in Cape Town are uniquely designed and built to add a certain ambience to any structure. The installation of these shade offering features are capable of completely transforming your garden .

Why choose us ?

We don’t just turn up for the job on time and with the right tools! For us, reliability also means ensuring every task we undertake is completed with utmost care and attention. Choose us and you’re in safe hands – superior results, no hidden charges, fully insured. When you choose Tk Carpentry, you are hiring a team of trusted carpenters and joiners in Cape Town who can be depended upon to construct the best in bespoke carpentry solutions using the finest materials available.

We don’t believe in cutting corners or delaying projects. We believe in saving you time and money. Tk Carpentry philosophy is simple: quality workmanship; exceptional customer service; and durability – for all budgets. Our expertise, since 2015’ experience, means we have established a professional carpentry and joinery service in Cape Town that meets your needs. Whether it is a custom built deck, ceiling  or a bespoke dry wall, we will fit it with minimum hassle, attention to detail, and within a time frame that suits you.

Trying to find a carpenter in Cape Town area? Contact us today to find out more about furniture design and how Solid Carpentry can help you

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